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For the sake of peace, Brutii are born
Who had watched the tyrant's swell,
From year to stinking year,
And let his heart be yet unmoved?
There may yet be time, sweetest time
Where daggers are down-flung,
Yet not today, for there is butcher's work
To still be done upon the earth.
Yet, Christ-Liberator shall unbound the bound
And bring the statues down, the Ideologue's Idol.
Thus abrupt shall tyrant's rule o'er free and noble men.

Neath Heaven's sweetest climb, tyrants growl and prowl,
The lash is laughter on the ears of cast-down men
And truth-speakers lie amid the rusted chains of freedom.
Yet silver-sailing blades find the tyrant true
And wet the soil with ruler's blood.
Autocrat and despot, all alike shall tumble down.
Yet shall the graveyards throng with decent men
Afore the grip is slackened unto dust,
And grim anarchy shall tawdry all the loss,
Build more statues and call them statue-smashers.
For none shall give justice o'er all the world
Till all the world dissolves in flame.
Thus abrupt shall tyrant's rule o'er free and noble men.

The grasping hand that snatches the boy
And girdles him with clothes and rifle
Commands him to die for ideals he cannot know,
Shall be stabbed down before the throne.
The camps where generations bustle under lights,
Glares and groping by cruel watchmen,
Shall light the sky with fire and dance in death.
For God made the world, yet shall he unmake
And thus make all men equal in the sky
Thus abrupt shall tyrant's rule o'er free and noble men.
Thus Always
A phillipic against tyranny. 
Raised for industry and empire, on stories of renown,
The victories and glories that once was London town.
The church halls and tenant houses, the cheerful hymnal rhyme
That once was my dear London, in the Pre-Fallen times.

Ring a ring a rosie, in the dirt and grime,
I remember my dear London, in the Pre-Fallen times.

My name it is Jack Webley, as cockney as could be.
Born long ago near Mary Le-Bow, a church long ceased to be.
By trade I was a soldier boy, maimed by a Russian blade
Like the names taken by Hell's decree, my war's a memory.

I courted then, I being young, couldn't have been more pleased!
To a costermonger's daughter who brooked no liberties.
I lost her when the city fell, her death has taken a toll
Like the Devils do, it must be true, her death, it stole my soul.

Ring a ring a rosie, in the dirt and grime,
I remember my dear London, in the Pre Fallen times

And since then, I've become embittered, the honey dims my mind
For my city keeps on changing and nothing familiar to find.
My comrades old and my family are gone, the wharf deprived of foam
As the burning, heathen,  brass-work makes a hellscape of my home.

So goodbye to the sweet Themes, a name I dare to say
For I can't watch the city dying and thus I cannot stay.
I'll take a boat to the Unterzee, and die in some midnight clime
Yet I'll stay a part of what was London in the pre-fallen times.
London in the Pre Fallen Times
My third written work on Fallen London and my second published, based on "Dublin in the Rare Old Times". Call me single minded but when I get a coolish idea in my head, I go for it.
When first I came down to London
In the year of eighteen ninety three
The city was quite wonderful
And the enterprise quite free
But the Neddies got suspicious
And they soon gave me the knock
I was beaten for talking to a fellow
Down at the Wolfstack Docks

Well next day by the Spider Pits
I raised up quite a stir
My Populists got busy
And called Mr Fires a cur
Well he purred "Why have you come here
to throw a spanner in my machine?"
I replied"Your worker should be getting
A lot more of the green!"

The Master murmurs to myself
"I shall not acquiesce!
To undermine your movement
I will spurn every break and rest!
Eighty hours a week is the new law
And they better well comply
Or the moss between the cobblestones
Will have blood as its dye"

I would not accept this insult
To the people of the land
And for the Master's part
He rejected me out of hand
And so an impasse soon developed
My Populists grew rather bored
And so implied a Neddie's mother
Was a woman who often whore'd.

Then a fistfight soon developed
And the talks came to a close
What my followers accomplished
Is ill-suited to my prose
I shall instead note quite politely
We gave the Neddies an awful shock
And we flung them into the water
Of the greasy Wolfstack docks!
Another Fallen London
All is grey, all is dull
And paid for by the state
The fumbling and coarseness
That bureaucracy creates.
For incompetence and corruption
Are the things  white collars breed
And sardonic smiles salute you
If my warning, you unheeded

Who can take a simple task,
And with a committee or two
Add mounds of tape and forms
And triplicates to sign?
With maddening conundrums
Of maiden names and worse,
This is what you receive and more
With the bureaucratic curse.
Clashing times and filing
And apology-bereft
For ye must plan around us,
Your mistakes we shan't forget
But hurry past our own
And bury it in files
For we're the reason college runs
And the reason you have piles.
My one man bitch fest against bureaucratic nonsense. 
The good has shuffled on
In grey lines to new lands.
The airports crowd with virtue
And morals line the docks.
The trains are teeming with beauty
And truth, with  all the above flees
From the encroaching, slow corruption
Of the Left and all their works.

What is innocent: subverted,
The tawdry held aloft
The commonplace and lousy
Stand king o'er all the land.
For quality and grace
Are reactionary fads
And true equality is coming
Free shackles for every man!
Although that would of course,
Be sexist, and trans-phobic too
So no shackles for the ladies
Or the trans-folk either then.
The men must bear in silence
What the myth would have you think;
That women are all weaklings
And men are all debased
And we both must be as equals
Equals in the slime and grime,
Free from all the coarse decisions
That thinking foists on us.


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A ripped off, poorly written character with no involvement in the plot. Tends to act like the protagonist of any given Lovecraft story. Still, read his work. Someone has to.

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