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The sweat of rain and moisture
Paints all a dismal shade,
As crosses cut from bamboo
Sit beside the rail they made.
For rotting, coolie labour
They were forced into and died.
Now on forever-break from working
Down by the riverside.

The jungle keeps its vigil
Now that the Japs have gone.
Both empires now are over.
The land, it staggers on
From disaster to disaster
And horror's wages lent.
One wonders if it mattered
If they stayed or if they went.

Aussies down the Burma Rail
And Paddy with no pound.
Working till they're bloody
And lying fevered on the ground.
To build an Asian Railway
That's the Emperor's command,
For he is lord and master
of Burma and its land.

Chindits lying in a pit
And Indians on patrol.
The Commonwealth united
Towards the noble goal
Of keeping things in order
And keeping the bosses white,
Patrolling on the border
As is their Godly right.
Burma Rail
A small, honourary piece I wrote for ANZAC day. Digger and Johnny Turk, equal under the grass. Rest easy.
I am old, older than what you see
Ye shall not see me, nor eyes perceive
I hover, forever, on the shoulder of stars
I drink deep, the creation-breath sustains me
Brothers of mine, too far to see but instead to hear
Oh they whine amid the Geiger-clicks
Hunger, hunger gnaws at us, we swim
Past planets filled with gas and rock
And life clinging to heat and light.
Too easy to snuff out, too hard to resist
We live, in unliving life, beyond the words.
They build their idols, bow down and bleed
And I barely notice,
Star Eater
A character that appeared in a dream of mine. Bog standard Eldritch abomination. Nothing much to add.
We swirl together, all of us and none
Many and none, many and one.
Bound by poison and lust,
We swell to ear-breaking sound
Masquerading as music.
We judge and rank like cattle
And flit as flies from one dung
To another, seem-less and shallow.
This detestable swamp, I un-gelded
Wish to be rebound again.
After coming off some pretty long term meds, I have once again been 'blessed' with sexuality. No longer the Boneless Wonder that I was, this is a whole new avenue of hilarious shenanigans. Not.
Well, life has moved on in its own sluggish, dreary pace. I've matured a little here and there, refined my views. I'm an older, wiser, weaker man. 

Its been a shit year. I know this is neither the place nor the appropriate way to express it but screw it. Lost a lot of friends, mostly my own fault. I have a big mouth, sometimes it bites others and sometimes it bites me. I blew it with a circle of friends. Made a new one. Saw relationships turn out to be ringers, got dragged into someone else's adultery and managed to live to tell the tale. I ain't much for accomplishing massive feats but I'm still here to say it.

I am crude, rude and scandalous to know. 

I am in a world of shit, yes, but I am alive, and I am not afraid.


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A ripped off, poorly written character with no involvement in the plot. Tends to act like the protagonist of any given Lovecraft story. Still, read his work. Someone has to.

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